Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui | Special lot

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Orange peel • Hibiscus • Nougat

  • Finca : J.G. Condorcanqui
  • Region : Canchaque, Piura, Peru
  • Process : washed

  • Altitude : 1400 m
  • Variety : Bourbon. Typica
  • Organic coffee (Certification Québec-Vrai)

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Co-op. Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui: the revival of natural-process coffee tradition!

Founded in 1969, the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui is one of the oldest cooperatives in the Canchaque region, north of Piura, Peru. It is named after an indigenous hero who led a rebellion in 1780 to improve the rights of Peruvians suffering from the reforms of Spanish colonial rule.

Cooperative Coffees has been working with this cooperative of producers for several years with the aim of reviving the tradition of the natural drying method specific to coffees in the region but which had long since ceased to be used. “Prior to 1990, nearly 100% of Sierra Piurana coffee was natural process” says Norandino manager Santiago Paz. “This Canchaque coffee was famous world-wide for its special flavor profile.”

The region’s producers themselves claim that recovering this tradition is both sentimental and a smart marketing move, since it has allowed them to create a unique niche product that sets them apart from the rest of the offering. They now produce the only high quality, certified organic, natural drying process specialty coffee in all of Peru.

In cup, this unique coffee is characterized by an exceptionally sweet roundness and a lively, bitter taste of orange peel. The fermentation of the cherry pulp on the grain has also made it possible to develop a surprising floral side.

In order to appreciate all the characteristics of this coffee, we recommend drinking it in espresso!


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340 g, 1 kg, 2.5 kg


Whole beans, Aeropress, French Press, Breville, Chemex, Espresso, Drip filter, Moka, Percolator


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